Conservazione cellule staminali del cordone ombelicale - banca Bioscience Institute
At present most surgical therapies for the treatment of achromias caused by pathologies as vitiligo are based on the use of the MKTP (Melanocyte-Keratinocyte Transplantation) technique, which foresees the use of Melanocytes and keratinocytes extracted from an area in the body unaffected by vitiligo and the transplantation onto the same person at the level of the areas affected by vitiligo.

EMKTPSKILL instead, foresees the extraction of a sample of skin of about 6x6 mm from parts of the body with normal pigmentation and the subsequent isolation of keratinocytes and melanocytes.

These two cell types are expanded in co-culture to allow the creation of epithelial patches that will cover large areas of the body affected by achromias. Furthermore, Bioscience Institute also includes in its service the cryopreservation of the cells at -196°C for possible future use.