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The Final Report of the Study carried out by Peter J. Bates (pjb Associates, Uk, March 2003) and financed by the European Community, regarding the potentiality of T-learning Study in Europe, leads to the following comments and conclusions:

The average of computer users in Europe varies between 40% and 60%. Where community initiatives have been started to economically facilitate computer use and training, the average did not exceed 70% anyway.

The European average of television users is about 98%.
TV is considered as "an easy-to-use device".
People tend to consider TV broadcasted contents as reliable.
The ability of television to reach people and offer training is higher than any other system.
TV fulfils the need to diversify the media according to lifelong learning.
Access to satellite receiving technology implies such low costs that they are not influenced by socio-economic conditions.
T-learning enhances training for those who are interested in professional updating.