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Programmes carried out and managed by the Production House according to the programme schedule are transmitted to the satellite according to need, in three different modes:

1. Through optical fibre connection to PO (Post Office Protocol) ATLCTM and from here, on the specific line, to the data processing station for the satellite.
2. On physical media directly to the processing station.
3. Through a satellite connection (for example for live broadcasts) to the production centre, and then through the first connection (compulsory by law).

From here, the signal enters the multiplex of the EDP (Electronic Data Processing) Platform of HOT BIRDTM. The perfect running of the room is granted by a 24-hours-a-day activity and by fully redundant connections (on physical media and through satellite connection). NOT QUITE SURE WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO SAY
The digital platform EDP (MCPC) allows the reception of the DHT signal with common digital receivers IRD Satellite Hot Bird 13° East.
Digital platforms (EDP) allow small television sets to exploit the DVB television technology through satellite. This technology allows the reception of television programmes addressed to the general public with little sized antennas, without having to buy a bigger one. In order to optimise the use of space segment, these signals work with a symbol rate of 27.5 Msymbol per second. The multiplex EDP works with a fixed symbol rate of 27.5 Msymbol per second and with the FEC 2/3 to get a maximum capacity of 36.6 or 33.8 bit rate per second. This multiplex is divided into 8 channels (slot EDP) with an effective bit rate of 4 Mbit/sec.
EDP platforms can be interfaced with analogue and digital television signals, with radio and with data. EDP allows to encode television, radio and data (IP) signals, to compress them in digital channels according to the Mpeg"-DVB standard, and to aggregate them in one uncoded digital stream using Eutelsat - Hot Bird satellites placed in geostationary orbit at 13° East, covering Europe.