Conservazione cellule staminali del cordone ombelicale - banca Bioscience Institute

To allow all European Universities and Hospitals to watch the most up to date, medical specialist videos, made available by the international scientific community.

To eliminate the cultural limits caused by the costs incurred to take part in congresses, the only international events for scientific updating.

To offer the medical world the chance to learn new surgery techniques, and new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, without necessarily attending a demonstration in person. This aims at widening the audience who can have access to the latest methods and technologies, rather than restricting such information to the few who can afford the time and money to attend very expensive demonstrative operations.

Each session corresponding to the various medical branches is institutionally sponsored by the relevant European Scientific Society.

Scientific Societies aim at promoting activities to improve the cultural level, promote studies, organise specialist courses, and facilitate the exchange of scientific information and useful techniques to carry forward the profession.

The Content Manager personally reviews and selects the material, which is considered useful for the community members. Moreover, he takes part in the coordination of the "editorial principles" of the TV, the website and the community virtual environment.

The role of Content Manager is carried out by the president of the European Scientific Society dealing with the specific branch, which sponsors the activity; this ensures the high-quality level of the content spread through T-learning.

The present 32 Content Managers form the Scientific Board of the community. The Community Manager manages activities and tasks, coordinates editorial activities, manages and facilitates communication and relationships within the community in order to establish balanced and consistent editorial principles.

The Community Manager is the guarantor of the editorial principles, and is responsible (publicly and legally) for the content of the communication as a whole, both for satellite TV and for content spread through the internet.

The Scientific Board, made up of Content Managers (presidents of European Scientific Societies), institutionally validate the contents and take part in the editorial activities to make them consistent and well organized.

Members of the Scientific Board, being opinion leaders, accept - both personally and through the scientific society -their duty to support any activity, which spreads and assists the Health Science Channel.

The Content Expert will collaborate with the Content Manager and the Community Manager to create a range of content at the cutting edge of emerging work from original professionals from the world scientifcic community.

The Content Expert cooperates with the Content Manager and with the Community Manager to create a review of original content highlighted during the debate among professionals within the world scientific community.