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Cutaneous achromia can affect men and women equally. None of the treatments carried out to the present day gave good results, except when autologous melanocytes were used. Vitiligo is a type of cutaneous achromia which provokes the depigmentation of a few skin areas due to the death or ceased activity of the melanocytes.
It generally manifests itself around 10 to 30 years of age often causing damage at a psychological level which can even cause depression, low self-esteem and other traumas.

None of the treatments carried out to the present day have proved 100% efficacy and only some of the treatments have revealed positive though limited effects. The treatment foresees dermoabrasion via laser of the areas affected by vitiligo and the subsequent implant of the autologous epithelial patches cultivated in vitro from previously extracted melanocytes and keratinocytes (see SERVICE) with no need for hospital admittance.

Usually the patient is not subject to scars caused by the transplant and the treatment proves more effective if carried out on patients in which the illness is stable.